Manipulate collections of products in Magento

Retrieve a collection of products [crayon-5a622cd83356a693166906/] Selecting a specific attribute [crayon-5a622cd833573765164188/] Selecting all attributes [crayon-5a622cd833578899514691/] Filters on product attributes [crayon-5a622cd83357d287607028/] Filters on product categories [crayon-5a622cd833583449975869/] Limit the number of results [crayon-5a622cd833588630701557/] Sort results / * Sort on a specific attribute * / [crayon-5a622cd83358d166626798/] / * Sort randomly (Rand) * / ...

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To DO Before Using Magento Extension

Start point is config.xml file, for example /app/code/local/Companyname/Extensionname/etc/config.xml file. Then next step will be analyzing files. There will be 3 aspect of checking it. REWRITES Check model/class/controller. EVENT observes CRON job Rewrites => you should at least take a look into every defined model/class/controller rewrite within your config.xml file. however ...

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