Extension to add Extra Fee to Store

In special cases, add an additional fee or discount on a specific command is useful, eg as a function of the country, type of delivery, payment or subtotal of the order. The “fee” module manages the addition of this new line. (Developed from a Magento CE 1.8)


By default Magento accounts for an order: a sub-total, shipping, VAT and a possible discount. From these 4 lines total is calculated.

The “fee” Module adds a new line to this calculation: an additional fee, a new shed, have, or any type of data you wish to add. A specific rule decides whether to apply this line based on criteria you define, for example, if the selected payment is PayPal or if the country of delivery is different from the country of shipment.

The additional line appears on all totals presented by Magento:
Order History
PDF invoice

Summary Order
PDF invoice
Refund PDF

Extra Fee Extension

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